Analytics and Business IntelligenceSince 1999 Arbit develops Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions adopting the best practices and leading technologies. We will transform your company's raw data into valuable information and indicators for your decision taking.
Collaboration, Integration and Custom DevelopmentOver the last years Arbit specializes on developing solutions for collaboration, integration and process automation. You can count on our experts to help transforming your business.
IT Governance and InfrastructureIs your IT prepared to react or prevent events caused by service interruptions?
Arbit - Transforming technology into value
+ 250Projects Delivered
+ 14 Yearsof Expertise
+ 90Certified Consultants
Fixed Bid Project
On this kind of contractual agreement, scope statement with all the features and project requirements is provided in advance. Hence, efforts, cost and schedule for implementation are negotiated. Count on our expertise to develop successful projects securely.
Time & Materials
Arbit offers expert consultants to assist your company. Through the simple allocation model, Arbit consultants perform the project tasks according to customer's requests. In the managed allocation model, an Arbit project manager controls the activities of employees, ensuring higher productivity, quality and organization of tasks.
BI Software Factory
The software factory model has as main objective the implementation of software development processes aimed at reducing costs and increasing quality and productivity. With over 14 years of experience Arbit developed this competence, through the implementation of processes for project management, customer communication and release management. Contact us for further details.
Support and Maintenance Contract
Arbit has a team of experts to support and maintain IT environments and applications. Support can be provided via web, phone, remote access and on-site. Ensure it corrective and preventive maintenance will be provided, without the need to hire an internal team with many different expertise in IT solutions.
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