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Business Intelligence (BI)
Since 1999, Arbit is engaged in development of Business Intelligence solutions. With a skilled team, we assist our customers in understanding their businesses.
Arbit offers specialized solutions, learn more each of them.
Arbit expertise

Arbit is engaged in development of Business Intelligence solutions by applying best practices and technologies since 1999. The main objective of these projects was to transform raw and disperse data into valuable information, providing decision makers at all levels, more clarity, reliability, agility, flexibility and autonomy. Increasing volume of data, number of people and devices that need to be integrated: Arbit is engaged on this evolution by offering different solutions for each situation. 

For each need, a different kind of tailor-made solution:


Enterprise BI
Storage, integration, management and data sharing in most organizations can be quite complex process. Implementing an Enterprise Business Intelligence solution, through a set of tools and processes, will enable the data to be transformed into information and made available with agility and precision for different levels of the organization. This information structure will support the strategic and corporate planning, providing a single, consistent view of company performance indicators. Increase productivity, save money and improve the corporate management process through business intelligence.
Self-service BI
Often IT department is not able to meet the high demand for information by business users. The constant need for information from different data sources, formats, requires specific tools. For this scenario the best approach is to implement self-service BI solutions. Users can search, analyze, visualize and share large amounts of data, through the integration of Microsoft platform tools: SharePoint, Office, Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View and Power Map.
Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing can be defined as a process of consolidation and storage of data from different sources and formats, with the main objective to transform data into relevant information, in order to manage and better understand the organization. Over the past decades the increase in volume, the emergence of new data types and the need of making information available in near real time, brought great challenges to companies. Arbit works with the best technologies and development methodologies, which assist your company to implement data warehouse solutions.

Big Data
The traditional structured relational data warehouse is not designed to handle exponential growth in data volumes, the variety semi-structured and unstructured data, and demand of higher speeds of data processing. The modern Microsoft Analytics Platform System solution (APS) integrates the traditional data warehouse with non-relational data and can handle data volumes of all types, with real-time performance.

Master Data Management
Developing complex analytical solutions that integrate data from many enterprise information systems have become a frequent challenge. Data comes from may different business areas and systems, creating consistency issues when they are mixed and joined. A Master Data Management solution aims to ensure the reliability and remove inconsistency and duplication of critical and essential data, suiting them to defined standards. Count on us to implement this kind of solution in your organization.
Data Quality and Data Integration
Undoubtedly, the quality of information provided by Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions are key to company's success. The Data Quality process enables to clean, compare and standardize data providing reliable information for the extract, transform and load process (ETL). Regardless of format (structured or unstructured), volume and location of the data, we have specialized technologies to help our customers in the process of integrating information .
Mobile BI
With the exponential increase in the use of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices at work, companies increasingly need solutions that facilitate the access of information securely from anywhere, and the device chosen by users. We assist our customers in implementing mobility solutions through Microsoft Datazen platform.
Text Analytics
Understand how customers perceive the value of a product or service offered by your company and competitors becomes ever more essential. Customers can express their opinions through various channels: social networks, customer services, surveys, reviews on web stores, etc. Understanding this information increases its importance, but becomes increasingly difficult obtaining, interpreting and generating valuable insights. Through Luminoso tool, Arbit offers a Text Analytics solution that specializes in sentiment analysis, which makes this job simple and lets you get powerful and often surprising insights.
Web Scraping
The web is full of valuable data, but get them into a usable format is not always an easy task. Data such as lists of products and competitors' prices, customer reviews on products and services, forums and blogs, government data and public research data are available in different formats. Get this information quickly in a usable format is the role of Mozenda. Save hundreds or thousands of hours of your IT staff by using a specialized tool. Everything is designed to be easy to use, with a "point and click" interface, just like a web browser, enabling even a user with few technical knowledge to collect the web data wanted, easily and productively. Arbit applies this powerful tool as part of the analytical solutions of its customers, using data captured from sites to feed the business intelligence and big data systems.
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