Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
Performance management is the most critical task of any senior manager. Learn about our Budget Planning and   Balanced Scorecard solutions, which will help you monitor the performance indicators of your business.
Define strategies and manage the performance and productivity of your business
Budget Planning

The dynamic and competitive business environment today demands a strong discipline of planning and budgetary control. Our mission as a company is to provide solutions in information technology that allow this discipline is implemented and managed efficiently, supporting making tactical and strategic decisions. The market of Planning, Budget and Control solutions has a lot of players and solutions with many different levels of quality and usage areas. Our strategic positioning for this market was modeled from our comprehension that most vendors provide solutions that are either not sufficiently robust to support the minimum requirements of performance of an enterprise application, or are overly complex, expensive and difficult to deploy and be integrated into the normal rhythm of business tasks. Our basic value proposition is based on architectures that are sufficiently robust and ready to handle large amounts of data without representing expensive, long and traumatic deployments. Our experience shows us that, applications targeted to top and middle management, critical drivers are connectivity, interactivity and performance. Arbit works with architectures that include components and features that meet these requirements optimally. The visuals and navigation are highly intuitive and the technology for data management is the technical foundation that balances performance and scalability on the one hand and cost and simplicity of use from another.

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) was created in 1992 as a performance assessment tool of companies taking consideration not only the traditional financial economic indicators, but also customer satisfaction indicators, internal processes and learning. Over the years, due to the adoption of this tool by companies from various segments worldwide, and continuous improvement, the Balanced Scorecard is now considered a strategic management system that provides holistic view of the key elements of a company strategy. Although the BSC can be delivered to users regardless technology, efficient deployment requires a specialized tool. Arbit has expertise in implementing BSC solutions in IBM Cognos platform. Define strategies and manage the performance and productivity through targets and corporate indicators.

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