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Tailor-made solutions
With a team of experts, leading technologies and the use of agile methodologies, we work to understand the project's business requirements and transform them into high quality efficient applications for our customers.
Development of custom solutions
The flexibility and range of Microsoft development platform

The software development is a competitive market and increasingly needs a set of tools (methodologies, development environment, programming languages) for the development of applications with low cost, high quality and in the shortest time possible.

The Arbit operates since 1999 in this market and believes that Microsoft's development platform is critical success factor to achieving this level of excellence. Visual Studio is Microsoft's integrated development environment for creating applications for Web, Desktop and Mobile platforms for virtually any operating system. It is a tool primarily intended for developers working with the .NET framework and a variety of programming languages, being C# the most popular one. Using this platform you can create high-performance applications, integrating different types of applications, simplify the work of the development team and produce the widest array of business solutions.

Below are some examples of solutions developed using the Microsoft development platform:


  • System integration through web services,
  • Mobile apps (multi-platform).
  • Customizations in enterprise applications, legacy environment or ERP.
  • Development of portals, intranets and extranets.
  • Business processess automation.

Count on a skilled team commited to results to develop custom solutions to your company.
Project managment and quality assurance

​Com uma equipe forma​da por gerentes de projetos, arquitetos e desenvolvedores com larga experiência, a Arbit visa a excelência no desenvolvimento de projetos e a garantia da qualidade na prestação de serviços.

Acreditamos que para alcançar esse nível, precisamos de processos sistematizados e equipes bem treinadas. Para isso investimos em treinamento, na qualificação da equipe e temos a preocupação em melhorar a cada dia.

Independente da metodologia utilizada pelo cliente, possuímos profissionais certificados que poderão ajudar na implementação de projetos de sucesso.

With a team of project managers, architects and developers with extensive experience, Arbit focuses on excellence in project development and quality assurance.

We believe that to achieve this level, we need systematic processes and well-trained teams. We invest in training, in order to improve our team continuously​.

Regardless of the methodology used by the customer, we have certified professionals who can help implement successful projects.

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